Which of CFO & Co.’s Services do You Need Today?

Which of CFO&Co.'s Services do You Need Today?Whatever you need done, chances are we do it. Expertly. Speedy delivery included.

Get ready to do some serious scrolling through our menu of services.

Financial Reporting

  • Financial statement preparation and analysis
  • SEC compliance
  • Emerging issues (IFRS Convergence, Dodd Frank compliance, new lease accounting)
  • Audit preparation and coordination with outside CPAs
  • Monthly closing

Financial Forecasting and Analysis

  • Cash flow forecasting
  • Budget preparation and variance analysis
  • Internal rate of return analysis
  • Revenue analysis (profitability by product, client, staff)
  • Cost analysis (e.g., audit rent bumps and CAM pass-throughs, competitive bidding of overhead expenses)
  • Debt versus equity analysis
  • Lease versus buy analysis
  • Credit analysis of customers, suppliers and subcontractors

Strategic Goal Monitoring

  • Key performance indicators
  • Business intelligence

Internal Audit and Controls

  • Strengthen control environment (starts at the top)
  • Internal control design
  • Internal audit
  • SOX compliance
  • Segregation of duties – authorization separate from processing; custody of assets separate from recordkeeping, etc
  • Fraud prevention and detection
  • Fraud investigation
  • Vacationing staff fill-in
  • Surprise testing

Treasury Management

  • Debt and Equity Financing
    • Preparation of financing packages with proposed deal structure
    • Presentation to lenders, investors, or leasing companies
    • Evaluation of term sheets
    • Review and negotiate agreements for maximum advantage
  • Bank and Investor Relations
    • Communicate and engage
    • Meet reporting deadlines (financials, tax returns, borrowing base certificates)
  • Cash Management
    • Cash and working capital optimization
    • Bank account strategies & setup (sweep accounts, etc)
    • Tracking daily balances for all accounts
    • Efficient intercompany transfers and accounting

Mergers, Acquisitions and Sale of Company

  • For Buyers
    • Identify acquisition targets
    • Solicit target’s interest in selling
    • Present letters of intent
    • Negotiate terms of deal
    • Conduct due diligence
    • Close the deal
    • Post-acquisition integration
  • For Sellers
    • Value the business
    • Identify investment banker or business broker
    • Present financial package
    • Meet potential acquirers
    • Evaluate letters of intent
    • Negotiate agreement
    • Close the sale
    • Post-closing transition of company

Turnaround Management

  • Cash preservation
  • Working capital management
  • Crisis management
  • Facilities consolidation

Risk Management

  • Insurance
    • Calculate insurable values
    • Maintain schedule of insurable assets & related coverage
    • Submit packages for competing brokers
    • Assign brokers insurance markets to approach
    • Review insurance quotes & select policies
    • Surety bond applications
  • Foreign Exchange Risk
  • Interest Rate Risk
  • Political Risk
  • Contingency Planning – Best and Worst Case

Accounts Receivable Management

  • Customer credit analysis and credit limits
  • Accounts receivable collections
  • Chargeback analysis

Accounts Payable Management

  • Streamline procure-to-pay cycle
  • Lien releases, sworn statements, notices to owners

Information Technology

  • Selection Process
    • Identify needs
    • Analyze vendors and products
    • Select product
    • Negotiate contract with vendor
  • Implementation Process
    • Set up mission critical parameters
    • Scrub data prior to migration to new software
    • Migrate data to new software
  • Training and Post-Implementation Oversight
    • Train accounting staff to fully use new software
    • Use new software parallel to old software

Purchasing Support Services

  • Review existing contracts
  • Identify respected vendors and professionals
  • Conduct competitive bidding
  • Negotiate terms and conditions

Job Cost Accounting

  • Materials tracking
  • Labor tracking
  • Equipment tracking
  • Overhead tracking
  • Variance analysis

Lease Accounting

  • Lease abstracts
  • Lease audits
  • Camrecs for landlords
  • Camrec representation for tenants

Accounting Policies & Procedures Manuals

Human Resource Management

  • Staff Planning
    • Identify needs
    • Develop a staff plan
    • Recruit new hires
    • Train and orient new hires
  • Compensation and Benefits
    • Make compensation and employee benefits competitive
    • Evaluate and select health insurance plan
    • Evaluate and select 401K plan
    • Evaluate and select a Professional Employer Organization
  • Payroll
    • Preparation
    • Reports

Intercompany Transactions

  • Allocate overhead
  • Streamline system of transferring money between entities
  • Record and reconcile intercompany balances

Seasonal Spikes

  • Meet seasonal spikes and deadlines