What’s a CFM Firm? And Why You Need One.

What's a CFM Firm? And Why You Need One.Occasionally a solution so new and sensible is created, it makes you wonder why it hasn’t existed all along. CFO & Co. is just that.

We’re not a CPA firm or a staffing firm. We’re a unique breed – a Corporate Financial Management (CFM) firm, staffed top to bottom like a major league accounting and finance department: CFOs, controllers, accounting managers, AR and AP managers and all the rest.

Good so far, but here’s the inspired part: Without adding a nickel to your fixed overhead, we serve as your ‘financial Swiss army knife’ – a special ops team of corp finance pros, totally up to speed on your operation and ready to snap into action on your signal.

Enjoy serious financial horsepower–without having to maintain the stables.

You bring us in whenever and however needed: to solve problems, add expertise, handle part-time roles and work spikes, revitalize underperforming processes, and to provide sound financial leadership.

Then, you put us away in your pocket till the next need comes up.

In other words, we work for you – but we don’t work for you. We’re a variable, flexible cost while being an invaluable contributor to your growth.

It’s a simple, brilliant solution. Like the best ones always are.