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Financial Management 101- The Pillars of Financial Management

Our guest post for weseethebusiness.com highlights the pillars of financial management. By Robert Band, CPA, Founder and Managing Member of CFO & Co. Entrepreneurs building their companies must have pillars to support them at the top. Imagine that your company is a 5-story building with each department on its own floor and you, the CEO, […]


What’s In Your Margin? Part 3

Our parents and teachers told us not to compare ourselves to others. While comparisons can be negative, as a measurement tool to assess and improve financial performance, they’re invaluable.  Financial statements tell a story in numbers rather than in words and comparisons are vital to telling that story.  It’s reading time, numbers style. In last […]

Cash Flow: More Than Just Budgeting

Cash Flow: More Than Just Budgeting

We often advise companies in how to best fund growth. This begins with cash flow forecasting, which enables management to predict potential rises and falls in available cash over a period of time. Without such tool, you will be flying by the seat of your pants with empty pockets. Nothing is more important in financial management […]