Lending a Helping Hand at Camillus House

With the holiday season soon approaching us we thought it was a great time to volunteer in a service event in our community. Last week we stepped out of our usual work day and had the opportunity to partake in lunch serving at Camillus House. We asked our team what they took away from this experience and look at what they had to say:

Brianna Hathaway (Senior Accountant): I had such a wonderful time at the event.  It was great to be involved in the community and Camillus’ House made it really easy for us to jump right in and volunteer.  I really enjoyed the team effort and it was fun to do something out of the ordinary with CFO & Co.  I hope to do similar events in the future.

David Menke (Controller): For me, taking the time out to help serve those in need within the local community was greatly rewarding.  It definitely helps you keep in perspective the blessings that many of us are fortunate to have, and that the true pleasure in giving is often better than receiving.   The people that we helped may not be intertwined in our daily lives, but we must remember them and their needs to help make our community a better place for everyone.

Tatiana Mendoza (Marketing Coordinator): The Camillus House event was a great success! I had the opportunity to put this event together for our team and I’m glad I did. The staff at Camillus House and the other volunteers were so welcoming. It brought us lots of joy to see the smiles on the faces of the clients. The smallest things really make all the difference in their daily lives. I remember one specific client say to us, “thank you all for being here today and doing this for us.” As a team not only was it a good time but it was also a rewarding experience to be able to lend a helping hand to an organization that provides for the less fortunate in our community.

Robert Band (Managing Principal): Our serving lunch at Camillus House was rewarding and enlightening at the same time.  The reward was in the faces of the clients we served who enjoyed ‘having it their way’ (with gravy, without gravy, well done wings, not well done wings, with corn, no bread, yes to soup, etc.).  It was enlightening because we met a colorful volunteer who serves in the dining hall frequently and knows many of the clients.  In his words, “I was one of them in my past.” To which, we asked him his story and he told us that he had been a hair away from homeless, hooked on drugs and alcohol, until a neighbor found him at rock bottom and admitted him to rehab.  We asked lots of questions and he gave us lots of answers.  It was gratifying to learn more about homelessness from him and his personal experience.  The new Camillus House is a tribute to its contributors (money and sweat) because the facility is second to none.  The industrial kitchen in which we worked was a thing to behold.  And the dining room was spotless, with orchids on each table.  It was everything you would want it to be if you were homeless in need of some TLC and a warm meal.

 Visit Camillus House online to learn about the many ways in which you too can give back!

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