Optimize your company's financial performance like never before.

No matter what size company you run, world-class accounting and financial management can take you to the next level. CFO & Co. brings you this expertise on demand, a la carte. It’s as if we’re always right down the hall from your office.

Need some CFO leadership? No problem. A controller for financial reporting and controls? Ditto. Cash flow projections plus revenue and cost analysis? We’ve got the analysts and the templates. Financing? We’re connected.

With zero impact on fixed costs, we pave the way for a smoother ascent up the growth curve. CEOs and management are freed to focus on their highest value-adding activities – while we help you keep the back office running with Swiss precision.

And we all know how good the Swiss are at those things.

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  • Financial Management 101- The Pillars of Financial Management


    Our guest post for weseethebusiness.com highlights the pillars of financial management. By Robert Band, CPA, Founder and Managing Member of CFO & Co. Entrepreneurs building their companies must have pillars to support them at the top. Imagine that your company is a 5-story building with each department on its own floor and you, the CEO, […]

  • Entrepreneurs Seeking Capital, What You Need To Know

    Entrepreneurs Seeking Capital, What You Need To Know

    Last month, I attended the Florida Venture Forum’s Capital Conference, a gathering of venture capitalists, entrepreneurs seeking capital, and professional advisors to entrepreneurial companies.   Overwhelmingly, the focus was on tech companies because of their ability to scale quickly.  Here is a hodge-podge of remarks by a panel of investors seeking investment-worthy companies. Some key factors […]

  • Lending a Helping Hand at Camillus House

    Our awesome team in the Camillus House kitchen

    With the holiday season soon approaching us we thought it was a great time to volunteer in a service event in our community. Last week we stepped out of our usual work day and had the opportunity to partake in lunch serving at Camillus House. We asked our team what they took away from this experience and look at what they […]